Mentor Service

Why Might a Mentor Be Helpful for Me?

“Mentors help new foster parents understand what information is important to be shared with the caseworker.”

“Mentors help foster families understand the importance of birth families and that most of these parents really love their children.”

“Mentors lend a listening ear when foster families are frustrated with the caseworker’s decisions and can provide a bigger picture and understanding of why that decision was made.”

“Mentors help new families figure things that they were not prepared for such as, how to register a child for school, understanding the key clinic, etc.”

“I received a call from a newly licensed foster family, Foster mom said they had just taken their first placement, the children came with the clothes on their backs, she was overwhelmed and really didn’t know where to begin.”

“Talking about grieving the loss of their foster child returning home / moving to a new placement and the fact that everyone in the family will grieve differently. The fact that people grieving differently does not mean that one person cared more than another.”

If you are interested in connecting with a mentor please click here.

What is a Mentor Program?

The Resource Mentor Service is a support to help Resource Families get accustomed to their new role. New adoptive, foster, and kinship families receive direct support, encouragement, and guidance from their more experienced peers.

What is the Role of the Mentor?

The Resource Parent Mentor is there to support, encourage, and inform new and current resource families on how to partner effectively with a variety of supportive systems, organizations, and individuals. Mentors help inform caregivers of resources and community linkages that will strengthen and preserve the family, promote the importance of continuing education, and provide a direct link to AFFM.

Interested in Becoming a Resource Family Mentor?

A Resource Family Mentor is a caring, responsible volunteer who serves as a trusted friend and guide to foster, adoptive and kinship families. They provide support, encouragement, and information to new and current AFFM families as they work effectively with the Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS). Mentors also assist families in connecting with community organizations committed to strengthening and preserving families and promoting the importance of continuing education. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please click here.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Resource Family Mentor! Please fill out this form and an AFFM team member will contact you to discuss further.