Adoption Resources

Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine, Inc. & The Kinship Program has full-time staff members that have both personal and professional experience with the adoption process. AFFM staff is also available to help families with their post-adoption needs, systems navigation, referrals, and to help families navigate the intricacies that arise through normative crises.

Feel free to contact one of AFFM’s Resource Family Specialists at 207-827-2331 or by e-mail at for further assistance.  Scroll below for additional resources for adoptive families.

Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Office of Child and Family Services
Adoption and Permanency Guardianship Assistance Programs

2 Anthony Avenue, ’11 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0011
Tel.: (207) 624-7900; Fax: (207) 287—5282
TTY Users: Dial 711 (“Maine Relay)

Adoption Program Manager: Karen Benson
Phone: (207) 561-4208 E-mail:

Contact Karen if you have questions about mental health services available to children receiving Adoption or Permanency Guardianship subsidies through the Maine DHHS.

Financial Resource Specialists: Irene Cardali (A-K, child’s adoptive last name)
Phone: (207) 624-7952 E-mail:

Chrissanda “Chris” Welch (L-Z, child’s adoptive last name)
Phone: (207) 624-7947 E-mail: chrissanda.welch@maine. gov

Contact Irene or Chriss for routine questions about Adoption and Permanency
Guardianship Assistance, renewals, billing, daycare, MaineCare, birth certificates, and Social Security cards.

Families Rising

970 Raymond Ave # 106, St Paul, MN 55114

Families Rising is your go-to source for advice on parenting children in adoption, information on adoption assistance and the US adoption tax credit, enhancing adoption practice, training for parents and professionals, and more.


Center for Adoption Support and Education

4000 Blackburn Lane, Suite 260, Burtonsville, MD 2086
Phone: 301.476.8525

We are a mental health organization that specializes in serving the foster care and adoption community. As the nation’s foremost experts in adoption-competent support services, we are committed to ensuring adoption permanency and the well-being of foster and adopted children, adults and their families through direct clinical services and education for both parents and professionals.