It is designed to provide relief from the stresses of constant responsibilities of providing. It is an opportunity for families to refresh and children to have opportunity to have new and safe experiences.

Growing your supportive community, utilizing prudent parent methods to develop a relationship and open communication with other resource families and potential respite providers. 

Questions to ask before utilizing respite.

  1. Do they have experience with the behaviors of your kids?
  2. Do they have experience with medication management?
  3. Do they have experience with nighttime concerns?
  4. Do they have transportation accommodations (reliable, car seats, familiar with visit locations)
  5. How do you handle nighttime routines and sleeping arrangements?
  6. What is your parenting style – what works for you and the child?
  7. What type of extracurricular activities are available? – (pool, ATVs, trampoline, etc.)
  8. Are there food expectations, limits & schedules in your home?
  9. What are their technology limits compared to your limits?
  10.  What is your typical day/night routine?
  11.  Provide your caseworker’s information to the family.

Questions to ask before providing respite

  1. What are some of the behaviors that may need to be addressed?
  2. How to interact when a behavior is happening that will be successful for the child?
  3. Do the children have any allergies?
  4. Are there any parent visits? Is contact allowed outside of visits? (Phone calls/emails etc.)
  5. Are you expected to transport or travel with the children?
  6. What are their typical bedtimes routines?
  7. What does their typical day look like?
  8. What are their food likes and dislikes?
  9. Are their diapers and/or pull-ups at night?
  10. Are there Medications? When and how are those given?
  11. Are they able to share a room?
  12. How well do they ride in a car?
  13. What are their technology limits compared to your limits?
  14. Who to call in an emergency? Who is the caseworker and their best form of contact?