Training – Return to Vertical – Evaluating the Impacts of COVID-19

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Name: Monica Bushey
November 15, 2021 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Return to Vertical – Evaluating the Impacts of COVID-19
Christopher McLaughlin, LCSW, Associate Vice President Community & Pediatric Services, Northern Light Acadia Hospital It's been a long and grueling marathon along the COVID race “course” that we've been running since March of 2020. As we start to round the bend and can almost see the finish line ahead, we must prepare ourselves for what is waiting for us after this journey ends and the steps towards a “cool down” period begins. Through a process of thoughtful reflection, this workshop will review the impacts that chronic stress, trauma, grief and loss have had on our collective wellness and will seek to validate the current experience of post-crisis “drain”. This workshop will identify the new set of resiliency strategies that are now required as we begin the process of healing our bodies and our minds as we attempt to rediscover our “vertical” selves in a post-COVID world
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