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Being an Emotional Container

Children who have been through trauma may not have developed the skills to understand, express, and manage their emotions. They may feel overwhelmed by their feelings, particularly in the face of new stresses, strange situations, and trauma reminders; and act out as a result. When we respond calmly and supportively to these behaviors, we show children that we can handle their emotions, no matter how big they get. Once we are able to do that, we can teach them how to handle those emotions too. Being an emotional container is a strategy about helping children regain control of their emotions and behaviors when they aren’t able to do it by themselves.

Presented by: Central Maine Youth Trauma Initiative (CMYTI), a National Child Traumatic Stress Network grant-funded project of  MaineGeneral Medical Center’s Edmund Ervin Pediatric Center is offering four online Resource Parent/Kinship Caregiver trainings. The trainings are free and count toward relicensing education hours. Each training is scheduled for 90 minutes to allow for 60 minutes of training, and 30 minutes of discussion/networking for those who are interested.

To register, please go to > Classes & Events > Resource Parent Training, and select the training topic(s) for which you would like to register.

If you have any questions about the trainings, please contact Jean Youde, CMYTI Project Manager at