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Skowhegan - F/A/K - Meets Tuesday, May 14, 2024, from 3:00-4:30 P.M. On-site childcare is available with advance notice. RSVP IS REQUIRED EACH MONTH. RSVP by calling Sheila at 207-827-2331, emailing, or by clicking on the link below.  The meeting is led by Foster/Adoptive parent Annmarie Dubois, and Foster parent Amanda Walz.                                              **TRAINING** Training Topic: Trauma Informed Parenting Children who have experienced trauma may have triggers that set off challenging behaviors. They need support from healthy adults to work through these challenges successfully. There is no one way to parent every child but providing safety and support by using tools discussed in this session can help. When a child is triggered, the child’s intense emotion and challenging behaviors may trigger the parent as well. Emotional co-regulation will help calm the child and de-escalate challenging situations. It’s important to remember that parenting will bring successes as well as challenges. You need to plan for the challenges and to celebrate the successes! Goals of this session:
  • Identify trauma-informed strategies/parenting techniques for responding to behaviors children may exhibit
  • Explain the impact trauma can have on attachment and relationship development
  • Recognize the reasons that parents who are fostering or adopting need to manage their own anger, avoid reactive behavior, and increase their empathy
  • Describe the reasons that Trauma-Informed Parenting techniques work more effectively with children who have experienced separation, loss ,and other forms of trauma
  • Describe the difference between discipline and punishment