Managing Confidentiality: The Why and How

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Who… What… When… Where… are very important questions to consider when you are a resource parent. How do you manage these questions while maintaining confidentiality as a caregiver? Understanding boundaries when it pertains to confidential information can be key to keeping children safe. This workshop will help to define those boundaries and work through them by discussing why confidentiality is important and how caregivers can work within the boundaries. *Discuss federal and state Policy and the DHHS guidelines, also known as the “Little Red Book” *Work through different types of confidentiality in everyday lives *Cover the rights the foster children and biological parents have when it comes to confidentiality and ‘their story’. *Address the DHHS social media policy and how to manage this. *Work through common questions around confidentiality. RSVP here : Trainings - RSVP - Adoptive & Foster Families of Maine (