When Someone You Love Has Died

When Someone You Love Has Died is an award-winning, heartfelt, and compassionate children’s picture book that gently addresses the topic of death and the experiences that come with it. Through sensitive storytelling and beautiful illustrations, this book offers reassurance and comfort while guiding young readers through the process of understanding and coping with their emotions during a difficult time.

Honest & Accessible Language: By using concrete and age-appropriate language, this book helps children better understand and process the complex concept of death, reducing fear and anxiety, while fostering healthy communication and emotional expression.

Validation of Feelings: This book validates children’s experiences and feelings, reassuring them that their emotions are normal and that it’s okay to grieve. This validation offers comfort and support during a confusing and challenging time.

Coping Strategies: Offering practical coping strategies empowers children to navigate their grief in healthy ways. It provides tools for expressing emotions, engaging in memorial activities, and seeking support, promoting resilience and emotional well-being.

Resource for Caregivers: This book serves as a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers, offering guidance on how to support children through their grief journey and facilitating meaningful conversations about death.

Educational and Therapeutic Tool: With its informative and supportive content, the book can be used as an educational tool in schools, counseling settings, and support groups. It facilitates discussions about grief, enhances emotional intelligence, and supports children’s emotional well-being.

Empathy Development: By reading When Someone You Love Has Died, children develop empathy and understanding for others who are grieving. It cultivates compassion and teaches them how to provide support and comfort to peers who may have experiences a death of a loved one.