The Sex Education Answer Book: By The Age Responses To Tough Questions Kids Ask Parents About Sex (Ages 3-14)

Mommy, where do babies come from? It’s the question every parent dreads—and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just wait for ‘What’s oral sex?’ and ‘What’s an orgasm?’ And then there’s the fact that if you don’t tell them, they’ll (mis)inform themselves elsewhere: the internet, their friends, or through pornography.

It’s far better to meet your children’s questions head-on. Now, with the revised and updated Sex Education Answer Book, you can do so confidently and without fear. The Sex Education Answer Book is the definitive guide to answering your child’s questions:

Unsure where to begin? The answer book’s opening section helps you get started, and explains why asking questions is so important while putting to rest any fears or doubts you may have.
Includes child-friendly answers to more than 200 commonly asked questions!
With content organized by age group, navigation is quick and easy.
Learn how to speak to your child about reproduction, sex, bodies, relationships, pregnancy, masturbation, sexual diversity, gender, STIs, and more!

Fully revised and with fresh new content, The Sex Education Answer Book is the easy and awkwardness-free reference that’ll demystify sex for both parent and child.