Just Because I was Adopted… A story about adoption and forever love

Children ages 5-12
The bond that links us to our families can be in different ways. Usually is shown through love and joy at sharing each other’s lives. This delightful tale seeks to introduce children to the concept of adoption when William, a little boy, learns this important lesson on one snowy day.

William, his best friend Yuki, and their next-door neighbor Rosie decide to make snow families. Then William is confronted about whether his family is his real family.

Will William learn that there is more to family than being born into it? Will his friends, Yuki and Rosie, understand the meaning of adoption and what it means to be adopted?

With an inspiring story and stunning chibi anime illustrations, Just Because I Was Adopted is sure to become a book you’ll revisit again and again.

Book details:

Features a Lovely Story With Colorful Anime Illustrations
Teaches Kids All About Adoption In a Way That They Can Understand
Helps Parents and Children Bond Through Reading
A Great Book For Bedtime Stories, Reading Aloud, Group Readings and More
The Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones on Christmas, Birthdays, and Holidays
So, join William and his friends on this memorable and heart-warming journey as they discover all about adoption and why, even if you’re adopted, the timeless love of a family lasts forever. Whether you’re the parent of an adopted child yourself, or if your child has a friend who was adopted and want to teach them more about adoption, this book will touch your heart and impart a lesson you won’t soon forget.