Let’s Talk About It! The Book For Children About Child Abuse

Twenty-six volumes of the Let’s Talk About series for children. Includes 1.Let’s Talk About Lying, 2.Being Bossy, 3.Being Bullied, 4.Being Careless, 5.Being Messy, 6.Being Forgetful, 7.Being Lazy, 8.Being Wasteful, 9.Being a Bad Sport, 10.Teasing, 11.Stealing, 12. Showing Off, 13.Tattling, 14.Throwing Tantrums, 15.Breaking Promises, 16.Cheating, 17.Snooping, 18.Overdoing It, 19.Gossiping, 20.Being Greedy, 21.Being Selfish, 22.Being Destructive, 23.Being Rude, 24.Complaining, 25.Fighting, 26.Interrupting