It’s No Accident; Breakthrough Solutions to Your Child’s Wetting, Constipation, UTIs, and other Potty Problems

Here’s a reality sure to shock parents; Our nation has a silent epidemic of toileting troubles. No one posts on Facebook “My kid wet the bed again,” yet accidents, bedwetting, and urinary tract infections are rampant and on the rise.
these messy and embarrassing problems – stressful for parents and children alike – are typically dismissed (“kids are kids”; “She’ll grow out of it”), misdiagnosed, or under treated. That’s because most parents and many pediatricians are unaware of a research-proven fact: Virtually all childhood potty problems are caused y holding – poop, pee, or both.
What’s behind the holding? In this eye opening book, Dr. Steve Hodges explains why millions of potty-trained kids are clogged with poop and holding pee, problems related to the Western lifestyle, pressure to toilet train too early, inadequate potty-training follow-ups and misguided school policies.
Dr. Hodges helps families recognize the subtle signs of holding and offers research-based strategies for resolving the wetting episodes and infections related to constipation.