The Parents’ Guide to Puberty Helping your child to thrive (not just survive) as they grow up

Puberty: the gateway to adolescence, and one of the most exciting but confusing times in a child’s life. It’s the period of spontaneous erections, periods, body hair, and hormones. It’s angst, emotion, and, if you’re not careful, fireworks! As a parent, you need to make sure you and your tween child (or children!) are ready for what’s to come.

The Parents’ Guide to Puberty, by experienced sex educator Cath Hakanson, is the gamechanger you need on side. Rigorously researched, practical, and years in the making, The Parents’ Guide to Puberty is the comprehensive guide to this most difficult of periods. It includes:

Tools, talking points, and prompts to facilitate conversation with even reluctant children about the changes they’ll soon experience.
A thorough and carefully researched breakdown of what puberty is, what it involves, and the challenges it presents for both parents and children.
An extensive Q&A section to help you prepare for over 100 most-asked questions.Sex-specific sections on how to best prepare your child. And much, much more. Puberty doesn’t have to be scary; with The Parents’ Guide to Puberty, you’ll be ready to best support and understand your child as they enter this new, exciting, and tumultuous phase of life.