I Think I Need A Lawyer, Now What?

You’ll probably never need a lawyer. Unless you have a home or a job, a car or a child, a doctor or an icy sidewalk. Before spending big bucks, know what to expect. Learn about legal requirements when you buy or sell a house involving homeowner liabilities or purchase agreements. Find out what you’re entitled to on the job, whether you’re an employee or an employer, regarding injury, sexual harassment, discrimination, family medical leave, drug testing, and termination and severance problems. Know your rights regarding personal injury, whether someone is hurt on your property or you’re injured and someone else is liable. Then there are the nightmares of DWI, speeding tickets, arrest, search warrants, jail and bail, trial, rights as a prisoner, and victim’s rights. Not to mention money and credit: loan discrimination, creditor harassment, bankruptcy, IRS headaches. Or family matters like divorce and kids in trouble. Finally: wills and trusts.